Thinking About Skipping Out on Election Day? Here’s why you can’t…

It’s easy to think that voting is just about the here and now.  And the here and now feels like it’s more about me raising babies than me being political.  But the truth is, voting is about the here, the now, and the tomorrow, the future.  My vote affects the future of my children.  The future of my grandchildren.

See, that guy (or gal) you voted for (or maybe voted against)?  He starts to change things.  Sometimes monumental things that have lasting effects.

Take, for instance, Abraham Lincoln.  He forever changed the slavery status in our country.  Bet there’s a mighty big number of folks who are grateful to the folks who voted in that election.

Does that feel too far removed to relate to?  A more relevant topic might be where a presidential candidate stands on abortion.  Maria Gallagher, a pro-life supporter, tells how she once voted for Bill Clinton never realizing that his Supreme Court nomination of Stephen Breyer would one day affect the women of Texas in a way she couldn’t morally support.

Really, if for no other reason, you should vote because the future of our Supreme Court lies in this election.  Pop  on over to Corpus Christi Moms Blog to finish reading my thoughts on why THIS election year is so very important…

2 thoughts on “Thinking About Skipping Out on Election Day? Here’s why you can’t…

  1. Good topic. I hope that everyone votes. Your complete article is beautifully written. I wish it could be published somewhere for EVERYONE to read.

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