Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Coastal Bend Nature Challenge

*Joey and William will be guests here on the blog as they document our Nature Challenge journey for 2016. Opening Ceremony by Joey and William On August 13th Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dustin, and Alex came down from Austin to go to the Opening Ceremony at the South Texas Botanical Gardens with us. We started by … Continue reading Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Coastal Bend Nature Challenge

40 reasons ’cause, well, you’re 40

Dear Les, You're 40.  40.  40.  (I can't type with echoing effect, but that was meant to echo in your head as it settled in your brain that yes, indeed, you are 40). And to think we used to dissolve in a puddle of disbelieving giggles when the show Thirtysomething would come on.  We'd look … Continue reading 40 reasons ’cause, well, you’re 40


Outside my window...two eager little scientists are happily experimenting with goop. I am remembering...this spontaneous playdate right before William's surgery with some of our favorite people.  Belle gave hula hooping lessons to the boys, Joe and Gavin practiced shooting hoops and Katie soaked up the thrill of having another girl in the crowd.  Later, Belle … Continue reading Daybook

A road less traveled…

Homeschooling can sometimes feel a bit lonely.  While surrounded by bright little minds all day long, with never a lack for conversation, I'm clearly not pining away for human contact.  No, I'm talking about lonely in a bigger sense.  There's a big world out there and going against contemporary culture can easily leave one feeling … Continue reading A road less traveled…


Outside my's September but no sign of fall anywhere near.  Today's forecast was 91 with a heat index of 102. I am thankful for...Mom.  She came down to sit with me while William had his surgery and then she survived a week with us...and she never once looked anything but happy and peaceful.  I … Continue reading Daybook