Romeo and Juliet

Personally I love Shakespeare.

In all his original ways.  The words are almost melodic with their medieval sound.

But Shakespeare is, of course, meant to be seen.  Acted out with humor and passion.

And that’s why I like WATCHING it…because even if I get a bit lost in doth and thou and wherefore, I can see what’s happening and understand the humor and the characters and their universal struggles.

And it is especially rewarding if the actors and actresses are talented and passionate and well rehearsed.

Joey and I had the pleasure to see Romeo and Juliet performed this past week by a talented group of local actors all a part of the Dead Creek Theatre Company.

What a delight to see so much energy and enthusiasm put into each role.

The lines were well learned and clearly spoken, the props were simple, the lights and music were lovely.

There was a bit of artistic interpretation added in, but they preserved Shakespeare’s original words and it really was beautifully done.

And the best part?  There’s one more night so you still have a chance to go see for yourself!



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