Rain, rain, inspire me

Two little boys.  Lots of energy.  Lots of rain.  We were stuck inside.  Rain, rain, inspire me…

How about an obstacle course?  Yep, that’ll use lots of energy.

Jump as high as you can four times…Hop on that cushion…Beat that instrument…

Hop on the couch three times (yes, I said you can hop on the couch)…Go under the easel…

Ride the horse…faster, faster…

Through the tunnel and into the tent…

Whew!  I’m worn out!  What?  You two are not?  Hmmm…

How about some hopping?

What else can we do?  I know!  A rainy day is perfect for painting…

Oh, thank goodness!  Here comes the sun (and some cool fall weather)!


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